Helsinki Beyond Dreams is a book about new urban culture and social innovations in Helsinki. The book offers inspiring stories written by a culturally varied group of urban activists, thinkers and artists – illustrated by elegant imagery. Edited by Hella Hernberg and published by Urban Dream Management, the book is also part of the official program of World Design Capital Helsinki 2012.

kalasatama-thbKalasatama Temporary project (2009-2011) created a strategy for temporary use of Kalasatama, a former industrial harbour area in uptown Helsinki. During the coming decades, the area is being transformed into a mixed-use neighborhood.  The temporary uses were developed together with local people, in order to vitalise the place and help creating its new identity while large areas are still being built.
Team: Johanna Hyrkäs, Tuomas Siitonen, Hella Hernberg / Part Oy
Client: City of Helsinki



Urban Dream Management is a design practice focusing on creative and systemic solutions for a more sustainable and enjoyable living. The project started as a website focusing on innovative uses of space and new collective ways for creating more attractive and inspiring environments.
© Hella Hernberg, 2009-


Urban Dream Management, Hella’s Master’s thesis for architecture (Helsinki University of Technology), discusses the role of temporary uses and events in revitalising abandoned urban spaces, and new forms of public participation and innovation in urban development. The thesis focuses on case studies and new scenarios in Berlin but introduces ideas that are also applicable to other cities, including Helsinki.
© Hella Hernberg, 2008

ratakuilu02 _ 2. 5000

Central Railway Tunnel

A scenario for temporary use of the old central railway tunnel in Helsinki. The unused tunnel is turned into a place of events and local cultures, offering a basic framework that allows different uses without strictly predetermined functions. The plan consists of a bicycle route and movable, multi-use elements.
© Aino Aspiala, Hella Hernberg, Sanna Meriläinen, 2006.