The Design Exchange Programme (DEP) was a pilot organized by the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra together with cities of Lahti and Helsinki, Ministry of Employment and the Economy and Ministry of the Environment. Hella Hernberg worked as an embedded strategic designer at the Ministry of the Environment from November 2012 to November 2013.



The Vacant Spaces (Tyhjät tilat) project by the Finnish Ministry of the Environment searched for new solutions and methods for revitalizing unused spaces. The project was organized as part of the Design Exchange Programme, with Hella Hernberg as project leader during January -November 2013.



Design For Government (DfG) is a pilot course under Aalto Creative Sustainability master’s programme focusing on design for governmental and public sector innovation with emphases on systems thinking and human-centered design. The course, running for the first time in spring 2014 is led by strategic design researcher Seungho Lee, architect and designer Hella Hernberg and service designer Juha Kronqvist, and the course themes will be provided by the Ministry of the Environment.