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Snowball is the first and original model of the Bol family. It is made by hand of circle shaped cut fabrics, which together create different shades of light.

Bol is made of old fabrics, and each lamp is a mix of different fabrics. The main material is white cotton mix, added with details of other patterns, colours or textures. Bol Snowball can be modified with your choice of additional fabrics.
» Fabric samples

Bol comes with a 1.8m textile cable with E 27 base. We recommend using an energy saving 11W-20W bulb. The color options for the lamp cables are: OFF WHITE / BLACK / RED. Small quantities of other colours are also available, contact us for more info.
» Cable samples

S Ø 30 cm / 275 €
M Ø 38 cm / 415 €
L Ø 48 cm / 540 €
The prices include VAT 24%.

Please contact us by email or come visit our studio, for orders or further information.
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  • BOL

    Bol lamps are made by hand from old fabrics. The light reveals their different textures and evokes memories and images.

    Every Bol is unique with details of  fabrics  with different colours, patterns and textures. We also provide lamp cables in different colours.

    Sizes: S Ø 30cm, M Ø 38cm, L Ø 48cm.

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